My Top 5 Pregnancy Exercise Tips

Before getting pregnant I was in the best shape of my life. I was eating well, going to yoga, hiking and combining HIIT & weight training. And then…BAM. I spent most of my 1st trimester dry heaving & eating ALL of the carbs.

During my 2nd trimester my plans to get back into a fitness routine were squashed by bed rest. For my mamas who do have the green light from their doctors…here are some of the top pregnancy exercise tips I was planning on using…

1. No back-lying abdominal exercises after the 3rd month. Talk to your doctor and see if you can switch to seated ones at that point.

2. If you have access to a pool, try to swim for 20-30 minutes a day. If not walk or try prenatal yoga.

3. Upper-body strength training is key for preparing to breastfeed. Even if you’re not planning to breastfeed, you need strength to carry that little one & all of his/her gear.

4. Drink water before, during & after your workout.  This sounds obvious but we often fail to do it!

5. If you start having contractions or any pain…STOP. Don’t try to be a hero. You already are one. You’re growing a tiny human inside of you.