My Favorite Self Care Ritual

Practicing self care is no easy task.

I was the type of person who got caught up in the hustle & bustle of this crazy life. The only time I “relaxed” was when my head hit the pillow. Even then my mind was still racing.

When my doctor told me that I had polyhydramnios, a condition seen in about 1% of pregnancies, I knew that my busy life was about to slow down. This condition meant that I had too much amniotic fluid and my water could break at any moment. With more than a whole trimester left of my pregnancy, I really did not want that to happen any time soon.

The silver lining to being put on bed rest was the opportunity to consistently practice self care…that and Netflix. One self care ritual I love is drinking a cup of warm lemon water. If you can only commit to one small action let it be this. Taking some time each day to sit in peace with your warm lemon water not only allows your mind and body to relax but it boosts your immune system helps with digestion balances pH and results in radiant skin.

What are some of your favorite self care rituals?