“It’s empowering to forgive myself quickly and move forward with ease.” – Gabby Bernstein

This weekend I attended The Judgment Detox Book Launch in NYC with some soul sisters. So much of what Gabby spoke about resonated with me deeply. When I first heard her mention the words “judgment detox” a couple of years ago, I couldn’t wrap my head around how this was going to work. It’s human nature to judge others and I for one am constantly judging myself. I was literally just judging myself for judging myself after a weekend spent learning how to cleanse myself of judgment. Its a vicious cycle.

After 2 hours of being schooled by my favorite spiritual teacher…I got it. The miracle isn’t that I am going to stop judging others or myself (I mean that would be amazing though…) but that I will be more aware of my judgment. I will be able to come back from it more quickly and in turn will lead a more mindful + loving life. This book came to me and to the world at the perfect time.

So…whenever you catch yourself being all judgey + cray…remember that you have the chance to begin again. #bethelight