How the heck do you have time for all of that?

Can we talk about mom guilt for a hot minute?

Someone recently wondered how on earth I could possibly be making time to teach barre while having a full time job…how I make time for exercise + self care, while also being a mama + a wife. And it wasn’t in a, “you go girl” kinda way….more like a snarky “you’re not a great mom” kinda way.

This is a little reminder to be kind + to recognize that your way might not be the best way for someone else. Motherhood is my most important role. It’s not easy. It takes a village….and a balanced lifestyle. I know that I am a better mother + a better wife because I make time to take care of myself first. Without making the time to do what I’m passionate about, without my spin fam + my love affair with Pure Barre, I know I would be a cranky, out of shape, mess at home. My heart + my mind are more open because of the life I have created…and my body is stronger to carry my little monkey around at home + on the playground. It also doesn’t hurt that I have a kickass, hands on hubby. Teamwork makes the dream work…amiright?

So let’s stop with the snap judgments + remember that we are all doing our best. Figure out what works for you & go with it. Don’t criticize other mamas. Let’s cheer each other on instead.