Health…it’s all about balance.

This blog goes out to my pregnant mamas fighting cravings + my friends recovering from enjoying a big meal on Thanksgiving and all of the leftovers since then…

While clean eating is a wonderful concept about being mindful with your meal choices + eating wholesome nutritious foods, it does have its limitations. Over the past few years I have changed the way I eat. I strive to eat well + enjoy whole natural foods. Why? It makes me feel good, my skin looks better + I have more energy. While those are all fabulous reasons to eat clean, I have learned the hard way that mental well being is just as important. When you take clean eating too far you start to obsess over every little thing. You feel awful about yourself if you stray even the slightest bit. Or worse you binge eat jelly donuts because you deprived yourself so long of something you were craving – you just cant handle it anymore! (Me at 30 weeks pregnant…)

Health is about nourishing your body and your mind. I am all for eating well. But I’m also human + know that sometimes it’s OK to listen to your body + treat yo self. No good can come from beating yourself up for feeding a craving or eating too much pie on Thanksgiving. Find your balance.