Find your tribe. Love them hard.

You can read all the pregnancy books & baby books in the world, but there’s nothing like a mom tribe. You need one, especially during pregnancy. New aches & pains, maternity clothes, midnight anxiety attacks, registry must haves, hospital bag necessities…the list goes on & on. You don’t have to go it alone!

Early on in my pregnancy, I reached out to another soon to be mom on Facebook. We weren’t close friends and we haven’t seen each other in years. Ever since then she has been my unicorn mom friend. She was and still is a wealth of information & support. No matter how ridiculous or gross the question, she is always there with a quick response and zero judgement…willing to share anything & everything. I am forever grateful for her and for all of my other mom friends.

Even if your close friends aren’t in this stage of life, the social media world moms are more than willing to help. I don’t see most of the women in my mom tribe frequently, but we still text all the time about new mom survival tips and baby updates (the good, the tough and the oh so gross ones.) So reach out on social media, make friends in a prenatal class…find someone, find a few of them. Make them your mom tribe. You’ll be so glad you did.