Don’t look back.

I don’t know if it’s stress and anxiety, my love for exercise, holding my baby or all of the above…but my neck & shoulders are a hot mess. That’s 100% where I carry all of my past, present + future worries. I had another great experience with @decicco_acu today and was reminded that all of this tension and my emotions are definitely connected. Today was also a friendly reminder of how important it is to properly stretch and help my body recover after each sweat sesh.

Here are a few tips for relieving neck and back pain:

1. The shoulders are connected with the fifth chakra. Tension in this area could mean you have an inability to let go or forgive. Let the past go. Seriously. Figure out a way. Just keep moving forward.

2. Commit to gentle stretching in the morning and at night. Try the rag doll stretch and seated shoulder rolls.

3. Visit your local acupuncturist. If you’re in the Bergen County area, check out @decicco_acu. Pete is an amazing L.Ac with unmatched bedside manner and all the good vibes.

Pete’s Pro Tip: Magnesium will help to reduce lactic acid, which is partially responsible for post-exercise pain.