Hey there, I’m Noelle! Most days you can find me balancing being a mom, teaching barre and my passion for health + wellness.

People often refer to me as compassionate, determined + a little silly (my favorite spiritual teacher, Gabby Bernstein, says to measure your success by how much fun you’re having!)  I love serving the world by helping people realize that a healthy lifestyle starts from within. The things I’m most passionate about in life are my family, self-care and serving women who want more freedom in motherhood. 

I work with mamas that are looking for pre + post natal support physically, mentally + emotionally. This mind, body, spirit approach allows us to show up as our best selves. 

Feeling drained, tired + isolated is not the way it has to be. You are meant to thrive on this new journey into motherhood and know that you don’t have to go it alone. 

As a certified health + wellness coach, mama and meditator, I’m lucky to provide other mamas with the tools to help plan for a healthy pregnancy + confidently transition into motherhood. I offer a transformational, customized 30 Day Experience for new clients. It's one of my favorite programs because it has the power to have a ripple effect in so many areas of your life. 

When I’m not busy juggling #allthethings, you can catch me in a spin class, lifting + toning at barre, spending time with my cockapoo, Luca + experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. I love exploring new wellness spots popping up around my neighborhood in Bergen County, NJ and when I’m not in Jersey I’m sneaking away to Upstate NY for some hiking, peace + relaxation.

If you read this far and are dying for more, here are five things you might not know about me:

  1. I’m a Sagittarius.
  2. I’m Spanish, Panamanian, Chilean, Irish and German with a dash of Filipino.
  3. My music taste varies from disco + soul to Led Zeppelin + Jay-Z.
  4. I named my son Carlo after three very special people in our lives: my father, Carlos, my husband’s Nonno, Giancarlo and his godmother Carla. Our Carlo is in good company!
  5. My favorite book that I keep going back to is Miracles Now by Gabby Bernstein + if you haven’t read it, it’s a game changer!

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