3 Things No One Told Me About Motherhood

1. You will become a singer and a dancer.

I always wanted to be a singer, but I never thought I had a good enough voice. It turns out, I do! At least my 10 month old thinks so. I never knew I would break into song as much as I do now. I have several original songs for waking up, meal time, diaper changes and nap time. I also have some ridiculous dance moves that I really hope no one aside from Baby C will ever witness. When you become a mom, all vanity goes out the window and you do whatever it takes to see your little one smile.

2. You will lose friends, you will gain friends and you will have a new appreciation for the OG friends.

Some friendships will fade away for a variety of reasons. Your values and lifestyles may no longer coincide. You may no longer have the energy to try to make old friendships work, especially troubled ones that you were hanging onto. On the bright side, you will make friends with people you never thought you would be friends with. Motherhood creates these amazing and beautiful alliances. I now have the most supportive mom tribe. I feel like we go way back and understand each other in such a special way that we are bonded for life. Then there are those once in a lifetime friends. The ones who have been there through it all, supported you through thick & thin and cheered you on as you go through these new life changes instead of falling by the wayside. I have such a new love for those friends and am forever grateful for them.

3. You will never truly get your body back.

New moms are always saying, “I can’t wait to get my body back.” I used to say that all the time. Now I realize that I will never truly get my “body back.” I try to eat well and exercise everyday but I’m definitely not where I used to be in terms of strength and power. After growing a tiny human, it may never be the same…because that’s magic, that’s a miracle. My body is changed and so is my mindset. Instead of constantly wishing I had my old abs or my old boobs back (gosh I do miss those sometimes)…I try to focus on how proud I am of myself and my body for being so strong and capable of performing such a miracle.